General School Rules

  • Be punctual, report to school and class on time. School begins at 8:30 a.m. If a student arrives in school after 8:30 he/she needs to report to the office to receive an admit/tardy slip.
  • Strive to be present every day in the school. In case of absence, parents should call the school in the morning of the absence and notify the teacher in writing upon the student’s return to school. 
  • Respect each other at all times. Disagreements will be settled by discussing the problem and seeking a solution that is fair to all concerned. 
  • Buildings and the campus should be kept clean and neat. Do not damage school property. Students who vandalize the school property will be punished and penalized
  • Maintain order when moving to different areas. Do not run; running is a frequent cause of injuries.
  • The following are not allowed in school unless prior permission is granted by the school staff:
    ->  Cell phones and other electrical equipment.
    ->  yoyos, darts, sling shots, and other potentially dangerous toys .
    ->  valuables, extra money, computer games, items of sentimental value.
    ->  fireworks, matches.
    ->  weapons or expensive toys.
  • Students are expected to remain within school boundaries at all times. Students leaving the campus must have a Student Pass and must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. (Leaving campus without consent is prohibited)
  • Avoid using abusive or profane language and gestures. 
  • Do not climb trees, gates, railings, fences, and the school buildings.
  • Respect the property rights of others.
  • Leave the premises immediately after school duties/responsibilities are completed.
  • Hitting/ abusing or bullying anyone is a punishable offense. 
  • Clean and proper School uniform is to be worn on all the school days. A student who is slovenly dressed may be sent home.
  • The students must carry with them their School Almanac while entering the Class, Laboratory, Library or attending the morning Assembly. The school Almanac must be carried to the Yoga classes and other special assemblies too.
  • Any photograph to be attested by the authority of the school must be snapped in school uniform only.
  • At the stroke of the first bell, all the students should assemble in their respective class-rooms for attendance after which they should line out for prayer. After the prayer they must return to their respective classes quietly in line.
  • All the students should be keen in keeping their classrooms and the school premises clean and tidy.
  • The students are not allowed to bring any kind of valuables like cell phones, electronic gadgets, cameras, transistors, precious coins, stones or any item of jewellery like chain, rings, etc, to the school. The School will not be responsible for loss of any such article if brought by the students.
  • The students are expected to be disciplined in their general behaviors.
  • Irregular attendance, habitual late-arrival, idleness, negligence of home work, disobedience and disrespect or any other reprehensible behavior towards teachers and others may entail dismissal from the school. Students are accountable to the School authorities for their conduct both inside and outside the school.

Diet Chart

The objective of issuing a diet chart is to ensure that your child is encouraged to healthy eating habits. So, we request you to follow this diet chart and also expect you not to send junk and unhealthy eatables along with your ward.




(Wheat)  Chapati/Paratha


(Brown Bread) Sandwich/Breadroll


(Rice )