Welcome to EuroGems International School.We are passionate about offering children an exciting, stimulating and rich curriculum, based on real reasons for learning. We hope that you will share with us, the belief that every child should have the opportunity to meet their potential and develop the academic, creative, social and spiritual skills bestwriters.ai that will enable them to fulfil a happy and prosperous life.

 Our school enables pupils to meet the challenges of an education that will prepare them for life in the 21st century. We use a wide range of styles and resources to excite, motivate and challenge our young people to succeed.


‘The interesting and well planned curriculum engages pupils successfully in learning. It makes a particularly effective contribution to pupils’ personal development, especially through the extensive range of enrichment activities such as clubs and visits’ Ofsted 2009

We aim to give every child, whatever their background or their circumstances, the support they need to:

  • be healthy
  • stay safe
  • enjoy and achieve through learning
  • make a positive contribution to society
  • achieve economic well-being.

We are a school that serves our community with pride. Please take the time to visit our school to see just how exciting Primary School is!


At EuroGems, we believe that children learn best when they understand how to learn! We develop children’s learning power to make learning more relevant and help them move from passive learners to active and independent learners.

The  4‘R’s for Learning:

RESILIENCE – our children are engaged in learning through: being absorbed , ‘having a go’, persevering and managing distractions

RESOURCEFULLNESS – our children learn in different ways through: questioning, making links, using their imagination, reasoning and making good use of what’s around them

REFLECTIVENESS – our children use a variety of strategies for learning through: Planning, revising, summarising and reviewing

RECIPROCITY – our children learn through balancing self-reliance and sociability, collaborating, listening, empathising and modelling