Children love to play. It is not only fun but also essential for growth and development. During these early years, play should not be restricted to indoors only. Outdoor play is equally important and an inevitable part of a child’s life.

The benefits of outdoor play are numerous:-

  • Children interact with nature. They learn through the different sounds, smells, and sight of things present in the environment. As children manipulate materials such as sand or water, their tactile experiences are enhanced. The weather or the season also plays a critical role.
  • Creative skills are enhanced. Playing outdoors gives the children an opportunity to explore, and investigate and develop their inquisitive minds.
  • Children can create dramatic play outdoors with very little material. Allow them to create dramatic play with their minds. Let them explore their environment through their minds.
  • Most important it gives the child the freedom. Giving children the time for unstructured play is very important.